About Us

Marilyn J. Evans, better known as "Miss M" in the business and social community, has taught etiquette to thousands of youth and adults. She founded Miss M's Finishing Touches Etiquette Consultancy, LLC and served the greater community spanning three decades. Her consulting clients include celebrities, prestigious universities, leading firms, as well as non-profit organizations and foundations. She is a renowned spokesperson, highly regarded transformation leader, and motivator.


Miss M works with school-age children and college students to help build new forms of social capital that will nurture and sustain these individuals in their academic and social success through the acquisition of transferrable skills and professional and entrepreneurial zeal. Additionally, her work is preparing a youthful global citizenry to help ensure that this nation's children are aware of appropriate manners, civility, social graces, and protocol to give them that "extra" over the "ordinary"—making them extraordinary.


A native of Michigan, Miss M received her undergraduate degree in education. She completed her master's degree and her specialist certification in education administration. She is an experienced educator who served many years in the public school setting.


Miss M has come back to her family roots, here in the great state of Georgia, to help bring about a change in the global society. She takes an honest joy in the lessons and expertise she has to share. She trains individuals in etiquette and protocol while helping them to gain confidence and skills appropriate for any setting. Miss M's passion, creativity, and intellect in etiquette and confidence building are helping to shape the "new deal" for civility in the 21st century.