The Sophisticated Diner

So it’s off to a restaurant with your old friends for a fun evening of catching up with each other. You have been planning this for a long time and voila, your waiter is not up to par in your view. You encounter some annoyances from the very start of the evening, someone in your party orders white and red wine for the table. When you decline the waiter’s query of white or red wine, he immediately proceeds to turn your glass over on its rim. In the meantime everyone is enjoying the wine while this turned up glass brings unnecessary attention to the fact that you are only drinking water with a twist of lemon…. You know the rules of etiquette, in this case, a glass should never show its bottom. Solution, you handle the situation like a pro, you ask the waiter to remove the wine glass from the table.

To my kind readers, this rule also applies to the coffee cup, if you choose not to have coffee after dinner, never turn over the cup or allow the waiter to turn your cup to signify that you do not want coffee service. Say no thank you or ask to have the cup and saucer removed to avoid interrupting your conversation with the question, coffee?

When it was time to refill the water glasses at the table you notice the waiter picking up your water glass with fingers around the rim where you will put your lips, how germy! You handle the situation by requesting another glass and telling the waiter kindly that you prefer that your glass is picked up by the stem to avoid any cross contamination. As he proceeds to refill the other glasses you notice that he does not touch any other glasses inappropriately, he learned a great lesson in good service!

Finally, as a polite patron of this restaurant, you know that you should always let the waiter know how you would like the check presented. Kind readers, it is important that you make your request for separate checks in advance, before the waiter brings one check for the entire group. Be aware that in large parties of six or more, the gratuity will automatically be added to bill even when the bill is separated to accommodate your request. Many people find out after they leave the restaurant and scrutinize their check that they paid a gratuity twice. There is nothing you can do at that point. Do always check your bill carefully ask questions if you feel it is not correct before paying to avoid any problems later.

All the above tips and suggestions help to make you a sophisticated diner! And remember Miss M’s mantra, “whatever you do, just do it with class!”